Tuesday, September 27, 2005

yes i'm human too just like you.

humans are subjected to change. that i not deny.

indeed i guess lately i've been insensative.

because of that

stupidity takes place

questions making people loose faith

these questions i questioned myself

chasing dreams? showing off?

chasing dreams.

i never thought of showing off.


I Never Forget My Roots.


Why Do People Question

Simple, it is to satisfy

their insecurity.

my mentor, gave me the chance to learn its sister.

indeed i have, learnt it well

to my mentor i thank.

having the foresight

to allow me to learn the most fundimental skill

hard to achieve by others.

unique to me

only me.

for that i thank you.

yes i'm human just like you.

that dosen't make me any better

or worst for that matter

learn what has been given to you.

well for that matter

cauze subconciously

it will impart knowledge to you.

peace out,
just like you

Monday, September 26, 2005

uber pissed.

as the title suggest that i'm really pissed.

don't ask me why.

its not that i don't think of my roots.

4 years with my roots created many memories.

i'm not forgetting all the lessons i had.

never forgetting even single moment with my roots.

for i will never forget.

even playing the piccolo version on my roots.

why are you all so jealous

cauze of me wanting you guys to develop a sense of importance?

i'm wrong.

i've lost my sight.

blinded by some things.

save me.

i'm lost.

save me.

Friday, September 16, 2005


well as you have noticed i changed my skinn. =D i think this looks simpler and somewhat nicer.

anyways today was a horrible day.
amaths paper i'm prepared to fail liao haha.
bio paper still ok haha.

at taekwondo sparred with niki and kaesaven. i beat niki but lost to kaesavan
he sorta accidentally hit my joint near my ankle.ouch lol. but i'm ok

Thursday, September 15, 2005

ups and downs

today is a that has ups and downs. lit paper was a killer. math was ok. i guess i misinterpreated the poem (gosh).

but wad da heck. band was great today!. although the basses were lost we still did great. anyways mr sim praised me for the tone haha. he said that i had potential but have to tone down and learn to sightread haha. well i am simply happy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i was thinking to make a kcb blog. cauze the original site is now closed. i guess we can link the kcb blog to members and to yahoo fotos to show our fotos. but that is only in the considering process.

today my specs broke during physics paper 1. half way ear itchy go scratch. suddenly i become cheh meh! every thing all blur blur. then i notice my specs on the table. the left side of the specs break. doing paper half way feel very dizzy. teacher also no compassion one never offer tape to tape my broken side back so i can see. wha liao. dunno if the really wan me to fail or sumthing( i doubt so they are good teachers)

with a dizzy head do physics a bit scared.

the school hall was was like one big refridgerator. very vey cold.

after the paper yeo and harry ask me wan go eat not butten i say no. cauze head already how to to j8 eat. i ate in the school canteen with vegetable rice. yum. the uncle and auntie of the shop are very nice people funny also.

afternoon cannot study. blind how to study? heard from leo and nic say that mr sim requested for me to play tml. i said ok. anyways i dunno how to do a maths ok. but bio must study. anyways 30 mins only so should be quite ok i guess.

back to the specs thingy. ok then in the evening i went to "Tony's Buget Optics" to get some new specs choose a funky one haha. metal black rim with plastic sides. quite cool i guess.

and thus geee now time for lit and math ( BORING lol)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

music exchange

well first and foremost i would like to that the peeps at st. hilda's for and woodgrove secondary for making the music exchnge a huge success. i must say it was a fun day with the euphoniums!(except with sree uttering a vulgarity every 30 seconds). a fun day of practice. if we all were a part of a band together it would be great. lemme see if i remember the names. hamiz, rachel, sree, soon eng, siyi(aka chilli sorry i don't know how to spell), errr err sorry i can't remember =b. it was fun moshing out with you guys and eating at mary brown
i didn't really find marry brown that nice but wad the heck there's a first time for every thing!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

never been so happy in my life.

allowed for the music exchange wee!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Song: Though i Knew You

3 years ago you were innocent
now i see you i don't know
people been fighting over trivial things
shows that they are really mean
they say time cures everything
thats not true at all.

time flyies by as though as it was a dream
but in reality its not as ez as cream.
why do my head say yes when my heart say no
why do i feel like its getting worst every day.
tell me its a dream
i wanna hear that

but thats not gonna change a thing

when people mature
they disregard nature
why do they argue
when the end is near
why do they do this when everything disappears

perhaps thats they way the sociaty is now
no one really cares about each other.
thats why we end up with broken dreams.

i'm gonna make things better
i'm gonna change myself.
everyone can make a difference
so i believe in myself!




lyrics my kenneth koh, 3september2005

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