Tuesday, September 27, 2005

yes i'm human too just like you.

humans are subjected to change. that i not deny.

indeed i guess lately i've been insensative.

because of that

stupidity takes place

questions making people loose faith

these questions i questioned myself

chasing dreams? showing off?

chasing dreams.

i never thought of showing off.


I Never Forget My Roots.


Why Do People Question

Simple, it is to satisfy

their insecurity.

my mentor, gave me the chance to learn its sister.

indeed i have, learnt it well

to my mentor i thank.

having the foresight

to allow me to learn the most fundimental skill

hard to achieve by others.

unique to me

only me.

for that i thank you.

yes i'm human just like you.

that dosen't make me any better

or worst for that matter

learn what has been given to you.

well for that matter

cauze subconciously

it will impart knowledge to you.

peace out,
just like you

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