Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i was thinking to make a kcb blog. cauze the original site is now closed. i guess we can link the kcb blog to members and to yahoo fotos to show our fotos. but that is only in the considering process.

today my specs broke during physics paper 1. half way ear itchy go scratch. suddenly i become cheh meh! every thing all blur blur. then i notice my specs on the table. the left side of the specs break. doing paper half way feel very dizzy. teacher also no compassion one never offer tape to tape my broken side back so i can see. wha liao. dunno if the really wan me to fail or sumthing( i doubt so they are good teachers)

with a dizzy head do physics a bit scared.

the school hall was was like one big refridgerator. very vey cold.

after the paper yeo and harry ask me wan go eat not butten i say no. cauze head already how to to j8 eat. i ate in the school canteen with vegetable rice. yum. the uncle and auntie of the shop are very nice people funny also.

afternoon cannot study. blind how to study? heard from leo and nic say that mr sim requested for me to play tml. i said ok. anyways i dunno how to do a maths ok. but bio must study. anyways 30 mins only so should be quite ok i guess.

back to the specs thingy. ok then in the evening i went to "Tony's Buget Optics" to get some new specs choose a funky one haha. metal black rim with plastic sides. quite cool i guess.

and thus geee now time for lit and math ( BORING lol)

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