Saturday, September 03, 2005

New Song: Though i Knew You

3 years ago you were innocent
now i see you i don't know
people been fighting over trivial things
shows that they are really mean
they say time cures everything
thats not true at all.

time flyies by as though as it was a dream
but in reality its not as ez as cream.
why do my head say yes when my heart say no
why do i feel like its getting worst every day.
tell me its a dream
i wanna hear that

but thats not gonna change a thing

when people mature
they disregard nature
why do they argue
when the end is near
why do they do this when everything disappears

perhaps thats they way the sociaty is now
no one really cares about each other.
thats why we end up with broken dreams.

i'm gonna make things better
i'm gonna change myself.
everyone can make a difference
so i believe in myself!




lyrics my kenneth koh, 3september2005

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