Saturday, April 15, 2006


check out the above link and see the online epic; the JC/POLY WAR.

started by non other than the idiot redpony.

being a literature student i shall start critisizing him in every possible way.

"Huh? Polys are for those who cant enter JCs. If someone cant even meet the minimum cutoff to enter a JC, it's just plain sad. People from poly should know their place. You kids are just 2nd class. JC > polys anyday. I mean.... there's never a need to enter a poly anyway. I dont think anyone in my circle of friends cant make the minimum cut off.

Read your last line, kid. I dont understand what you are trying to say." quoted from redpony's post in the forums.

Well, i must say that it is SAD that u think that people are sad not actually making it to jc. Boy, u are sure snobbish.. I'm a freshie at a local poly and hey i qualified for jc too. by saying , "I dont think anyone in my circle of friends cant make the minimum cut off." perhaps u are convincing yourself that your friends are too, having their heads in the sky just like you. this clearly shows that u are dillusional.

honestly i am disgusted at your lack of intelligence (even though u claimed to be in a great junior collage). whats the point of posting that post in the forum, perhaps u this was the answer "People from poly should know their place". People from poly to know our place? Wow, if this was a question on a gp paper u will be doomed to fail.

"never a need to enter a poly anyway", are you so certain? are you so sure that the economy does not require students with diplomas? not only to say that u are not really smart but u lack the ability to see the big picture.

Seriously u should start reading your social studies text book in greater detail, ( ESP. the racial riots)


On Another Note,

I believe that Jc and poly are just different routes leading to the same ending.
it is not comparable between both type of insititions.


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