Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the poly life story.

after sucessfully completed the 1st week of poly (orientation) + a fewdays i must say its refreshing. off with the school uniforms off with the stupid hairstyles. the free dome of lots of things and the freedom of our study. appeals to me. lectures are fun. new friends made, ian , han ming, nicole, sian xia( i think), jia ling, etc etc .new fiends. i also met up with some of my old class mates like angelia!. its ages since we seen each other.

anyways here's the gist of the story. lectures lectures and more lectures. it appears that i only have lectures this week . lunch at cannteen 1 is fine lunch at sim is great.

oh did mention the band there?

it was fun wad we are currently preparing for pops and classics our next concert . do attend =D

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