Saturday, April 08, 2006


i was reading it somewhere on the net. some one typed this " once a band member always a band member." i'd say thats really true. music added lots of colours to my life. i wished i learnt it earlier. the expression of wind band music. expression without words. feeling the expression in music. if the best feeling in the world. yes, better than sex( i'm being metaphoric, i don't mean it literally). have u every heard wind band music and just cried. i did and i'm proud of it. sprited away medley ( the one played by st hilda's was one piece). it reminded me about the love between chihiro and haku. and the greater things in life. another piece was ross roy ( overture for band ), which has a theme of school life. i was leaving kcpss then and missed it so bad. i missed not handing up my homework, failing my test, getting good grades and MOST of all KUO CHUAN PRESBYTERIAN SECONDARY SCHOOL CONCERT BAND. all the crazy band camps all the stupid things we do went thru 2 syfs ( 1 being a no show) and i just grow towards it.i started out as a horid tuba player. with determination i made to be the section leader of tuba and later section leader of tuba/euphonium. and my gosh, played so many pieces and had heck of fun. now i', inm ngee ann poly concert band, a hornist there. still enjoying it. i must say Once a Band Member, ALWAYS a BAND MEMBER!

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