Saturday, April 29, 2006

10 day to turning 17

another year older another year wiser.

indeed a year is a long long long time for a person to mature. thinking back when i was 16 still in secondary school life was more structured. now it is more freeform. poly is fun. but comparing now and then its really different.

gonna turn 17 in 10 days. i'm not sure if i am actually excited. lately a bombshell dropped on me. well been a bit hurt by it but still holding on. its different this time i took it really well. and have been really trying to change. i embrace change now, unlike when i was 16. change was initially difficult but its part and parcel oh life.

like they say, u gain some u lose some. usually we only see what we lose , but actually we gain something, something we probably never noticed.

i am deep in thought

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