Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Top 5 List.

Top 4 Things i CAN"T stand
1: Charismatic Christians. Reason being that most of the time i'm not interested. Stop Bugging me. Yes i know Jesus died at the age of 33 and was born on christmas day ( thus the name lol!). i mean its ok to promote. but heck hell no to calling me up to go to church. personally i believe religion is a private matter. bah anyways thinking back like a year ago a group of christians came and tried promoting to me christianity. that was ok. i told them i was not interested but they continued. anyways from brent's blog there was this part about others not believing in christianity goes to hell. well i don't agree with that at all. i believe that every good person goes to heaven and the bad ones goes to hell. ( simple and clean, justice to all) anyways, during their 1st visit i just listened to them but during the 2nd visit i open and slammed the door lol! i know that was rude but hey i can't let them waste my precious 30 minutes. a tip to such people. If They REALLY want to convert they will visit the churches, there's no need for you to go door to door, thats just irritating

2:People Who Chase Musicians Away. The Main Reason Why Singapore has SUCH LIMITED talented musicians is that the silly people here thinks that musicians make noise. its just that they do not appreciate it at all. they will like call the cops but when the cops come they can't arrest us cauze we are not exceeding the dunno how many decible noise loudness. bullcrap. show some support to your fellow country men, concert bands, marching bands , rock bands, etc etc. show them some support you people. STOP JEERING AT Them. The Older Generation do not know how to appriciate such stuff AND SO STOP complaining.

3:Rude People. I work at a bistro yes there are many extremely rude people in Singapore, no wonder sociaty is becoming so ungracious. those who keep hurrying for ther food please take note, A BISTRO/ Restaurent SERVES FOOD in ABOUT 15 to 20 minutes, Fast FOOD Serves In Like 1 to5 Minutes. Can Wait Not? i've seen parents bitching infront of their kids about how slow service is i mean its like 1 staff VS 30 to 40 people. Omg Singaporeans Do USE YOur BRAINS. However on a side note there are really nice people too who are polite.

4:Smokers. i can't understand why does the government not want to band smoking completely. they started banning smoking every where, why not Just ban SMOKING? I Think it does generate a large amount of money from the heavy tax imposed on it. think about the benifits if you ban smoking, the sperm count in men will increase and that can counter aging population. they can use the time to smoke to do sumthing more worthwhile like say have sex or sumthing.
Furthermore we then can really be a more Clean and Green City without the dosen of cigarette butts lying every where.

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