Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Re to : I Scolded Kenneth.

U Did Not Scold Me. U Mearly Irritated Me. U Don't Have THe Right To Scold Me. U Don't. What GIves U The RIght. Cauze u Are The DM?

No if u wanted to earn my respect. do it the right way. they way u do it to earn other people respect is wrong(you might not agree. but hey, thats fine with me). if u actually think carefully i showed u face countless occations. when sec 2 ? 3? Its alright what u think. even if u don't agree.( u won't and i dont't really care). If by now u don't know that i'm a person when u have not earn my respect and u scold me it will cauze me to think like this; what the fark. alright. u tried. to humiliate me. i'm gonna kill u. but clearly from this account. u never considered the after result.i can just walk out. but i hold on. to be again and again humiliated by you for your petty acts pisses me off but i endure. why am i so foolish? Cauze I ACTUALLY LOVE KCB. I'm not the kind who goes for fame or fortune. I act big? Thats not True. If I Can Pedel notes on a trombone/euphonium to show my juniors does that means i am acting big? It MEANS THAT I WANT THEM To GET BETTER. Yes I am Naturally better on the Trombone and Euphonium. I'm not like someone else who pint point or discourage people. Yes i pint point at bad attitude. but not how they play. And YES, i'm Still holding On For MR SIM. I Seriously Do Pity You. delphne.Talk TO Me Properly With No "whatevers" and sarcastic remarks. i might take u seriously the next time.

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