Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hey Hey!

Its the second day of the Chinese New Year. A New year filled with ang paos! hahahaha. went visiting today at various areas in singapore . went to tampines to visit my grandma and grandpa as well as my aunt and uncles. went to play catching with my cousins lol (why the hell i do that i don't know). after which i went to my other grandma and grand pa's house. i pla yed black jack there and won about $8 not bad for half an hours of work. haha. went to sing kareok at my unce's kareok room lol. then went to orchard to watch i not stupid too. i think its a really got show although the strait times rated it 2 1/2 stars. i think the reviwerer lacks emotion and is probably a robot. jack neo did a good job writing the script but i think he did a SO-SO job of being an actor. xiang yun is losing it her acting skills are mediocre at best. bah

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