Friday, December 09, 2005

k cp ss extremely kiam ( stingy)

if any teachers or who so ever sees my blog. or what so ever. if the place is outright stingy to a bunch of students who slog their guts out to help that blardy place by even refusing them a basic requirement " aircon". the place gave them a small room with crap acoustics. did i say crap i mean shitty. how do you ever expect a band to grow if u confine them to a shitty place. its just like bonsai kittens ( yes i know its sick for people to put kittens tightly squeezed into a jar and glueing their asshole and bladder so that they do not shit nor urinate.) they will never grow no exposure no nuthing. furmore to add on. i heard sOMeone (the letters in caps a BIG clue) say that person want to send us the bill. sure go ahead. i send the bill to the Ministry Of Education. its extortion and furthermore to think that they actually forbid extortion. since school is like that maybe i shall extort in the future ahahaha!. Those Dear Student PAY SCHOOL FEES. THEY SHOULD BE ENTITLED To USE SCHOOL PROPERTY. And Also The Teachers are not playing a great part themselves. they are no longer the supportive kind who encourages you all the time. in that particular place u can see teachers commenting that this group of pupils suck or treat them as outcasts and show fravouritism. now students fend for themselves. so go ahead flame me is u are a hard core k c pi an. go flood my tag go on.

The 4th level aircons are never used they are used say afew days a year? the school like bankcrupt liddat. they want some autonomous status so can increase school fees hahahahaha. i wonder which school am i talking about.

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