Thursday, December 29, 2005

Its Been A While

Today I Went For Band Prac! Weeee. Apprently was quite a ok day. apart from certain parts of the day when someone was unrepentent about doing sumthing and tried to make me look bad by doing sumthing. i forgive the person. :). if u want a fight, i will let u win. theres no prize for winning either and no penalty for losing.

after band prac went to mcdonels. there was mediacorp fliming some crap show. with the boy form young bao ming tian. OMG another Band Hair Day Incident. WTH is mediacorp thinking. That hair style is way ugly. The girls in tat show look like those in yellow areas. uber mini skirts. ah lian hair styles with certain portions highlited. worst of all the lighting was way irritating. so bright. bleh.

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