Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Other Singapore Piece is Like

Listen To Postcards From Singapore By james Barnes. its actually quite good.

Currently half way through my o levels. and now i begin


about my secondary school days. Believe me i wish not to leave school and rebel about everything like the "Down With The Student Council" scheme. Listening To Ross Roy And understanding its theme really makes me think. Why would some one commisson a composer to composer a piece about a school. But I'm Really Glad that The Did. Ross Roy is overplayed BUT Is Indeed a Fantastic Piece. Although Technically its not that difficult but emotions are required to play this piece.

Anyways, back to the topic. School really developed me a lot. With People like Mr Lawrence Tan( Kudos to You.), Mr Chong ( My initiater in Music). Just Nurtured Me To Who i Am And What i am.haha. Thanks Guys.

Top Five Most Unforgetable Stuff.
1st. The Pa Buei Do Spirit of Kcb (Cannot Be Beaten)
2nd. Friends Made. ( Theres a Reason Why Certain People Meet)
3rd. Times We Spent Crapping In Class. ( Slackers CLUB! hahaha)
4th. Performed During Teachers Day ( That 15 Minutes Of Extacy Was Not Forgettable)
5th. The Comerade Felt. ( I Love YOu Guys.)

School's Gonna End And I Don't want It To End.

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