Friday, November 18, 2005

I Am The Best. Thank You Mr Sim.

Kudos to Mr Sim for allowing us to play that awwsome i am the best game.
It Build Up People's Confidence And Bonded the band a great life experience i must say . thanks a lot =D

Alright. Coverage of The 2005th KCB Camp. Intially, We Just Had Practices in our school auditorium. Practiced Blue Ridge Saga with Guest Player, Mr Kenneth Koh on the Tuba. We Practiced Until Like 4 And Then we had games. Mr Kenneth Koh was playing soccer with Mr Andy Sim (yes only the 2 of them). After series of long passes, the games were stopped due to the next o level papers.

Practice resumes and we completed Blue Ridge Saga. Soon It Was Dinner time ( Yum!). After that was Practice again.

Then It Was TIme For NIGHT GAMES!

Day 2

Morning the sun rises and breakfast was served,
Practice Continues With Copacabana
After that Lunch Was Served.

Then The "I'm The BEST" Game Proceeded.
Rules Are Extremely Simple.
1. Be Confident And Tell The Judges That You Are The Best.

I Must Say that this game was pure torture for some people who had no confidence.
Just saying i am the best was not enough. Body language comes in, eye contect and many more.
I did not manage to succeed in the 1st try but i pressed on and eventually managed to pass.
The KCB spirit was Strong and we Are unbeatable. We encouraged each other even though not every one was confident. This feeling is beyond words. Tears filled many people's eyes incuding mine.

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