Tuesday, November 29, 2005


This picture was taken at the esplanade after the horrible prom. The prom was really badly done ( hotel would be a much better choice). Talkabout the hotel being expansive ($30 to $70) but the prom in school cost $45. It included crappy food ( not a free flow buffet), live band ( ronin, electrico would be better) and no games ( seriously no games, no table games or anything.) further more there was no service for $45 other then the poor council members serving us limited amount of drinks ( they had to go out and buy more due to the lack of drinks). horrendous. they should have been able to seen such stuff coming. and they only relied on the caterers? the food was horrible. and most people did not rock to roin even though i enjoyed it lol. the decorations are well horrible. a few strips of cloth + some aluminium foiled stars . all this would cost like $45 per head? outragous. the reception area has those things that wires were coiled on to only couvered by a cloth( though you were smart huh? damn stupid idea.) horrible. i want my money back.

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