Friday, October 21, 2005

Maids Killing Employers

its been awhile since i post. but today's post is gonna be on the recent maid killing employers thingy.

just yesterday an old folk has been killed by his maid. the maid has not been even working here for a month.

there are different factor attributing to such acts; ill treatment, torture, home sickness.
sure sure. yea they are human too but by no means it should end up in such cases.
so seek help if u feel that u are ill treated. i'm sure that wasd taught in maid school.
even if they are old folks( who are usually extremely naggy. yes i agree.) its just not right. ask yourself do you want to have your father murdered by your friend. no? thats a normal reaction. so don't do that to your employer. grow some brains.

i'm not defending my fellow country men as well. i'm sure some of us here think that they are so "almighty" that they do such stuff. i feel ashamed for such people(you guys give me a bad name.).

bless those poor souls

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