Wednesday, October 05, 2005



Instructions of the tag:

Given a topic, you are to write down your answers in your blog, and then send the same topic to 5 other people. Write down the names of these 5 people and link to them on your blog. Go visit their blogs to notify them that they are tagged. The 5 people who are tagged should, in their own blogs, write down the name and link of the person who tagged them, answer the same topic, and send it to another 5 people, etc.

1st. I enjoy farting on a pillow named ,"fart Pillow", and forcefully use it to cover my brother dearest's face. his reaction was hellafunny. he would usually shout and screamed about a 16 year old bullying a 14 year old.

2nd. i used to run and crash in to walls just for fun. it hurts like crazy when i'm going fast.

3rd. i've got a serious fetish for penguins ( although i don't show it as much as darell) but i really do have a serious fetish for penguins. clumsy animals. they can hardly walk.

4th. i love taking videos of my cousin getting his but smacked. he usually dosen't wear any underwear and so i'll just pull his pants down and take a video of myself smacking his butt. sometimes he will get so pissed that he will try to fight back.after which i would show them to my friends in school.

5th. i don't wear underwear.

Okay Time For My 5 Victims lol
1st April
2nd. Qin qin
3rd Ronald

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