Friday, August 12, 2005

Green Day rules

do you have the time to listen to me whine.

sometimes don't push me. i'm freaking tired and when i go to class i just fall asleep
deep in the darkness of this endless slumber. people refuse to see. the light of me. when parents say they wanna abandon you. how will you react. is that out of love or hate. if its love its contradicting. if its hate its enforcing the hatred. i've been taught to love to live to be kind. but after all that good stuff that i've done, the one who taught me those claimed that i was being used by people. its funny how the world works. its funny that the older generation think that the rock music scene in singapore is only played out by the malay population.sad it is to have someone close to me that lied to me when i was five.perhaps he did not lied or rather i did not say that i was interested.partially my fault."music's a waste of time" quoted by him. My Reply, "Music is My Life".

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