Sunday, July 31, 2005

today i have seen the gracious forigner and the selfish singaporean.
i was really amazed by the graciousness of a forigner helping my grandfather who was having troble with the escalator. of course my dad was already there supporting my grandaddy but he still help( imagine an old man who was having trouble walking. talk about going on an escalator). the forigner said something like , " you have father i have a father too". wow i salute this man.

Singaporeans have again dissapointed me( or more specifically the people waiting for bus 410 green at the bishan interchange). a young girl aged around 12 to 14 was sitting the the railing refusing to move. it is simple courtesy to just move when others want to line up for the the bus. if u'd actually grow some brains you would just move? i noticed that our sociaty is getting from bad to worst. school discipline is on the constant decline(most schools. not all schools). graciousness of the kampong days are running dry.Although i believe in social thinking singaporeans however the new generation is becoming more selfcentred. singaporeans this is my plea; do something about it.

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